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Donna & Bill B.

We have been clients of Kramer & Jensen for more than 10 years. They have helped with both personal and business tax issues and preparation. Scott's understanding of the ever changing tax laws is so reassuring. We know he will keep us informed of things that affect our tax status. When our oldest child was getting ready to go to college, Scott helped us figure out the FAFSA (free application for student aid) data we needed to file. Whenever we are asked about tax advisers by new transplants to the area or people looking for a new tax firm, we recommend Kramer & Jensen without reservation. 

Oscar and Theresa E.

Kramer & Jensen is an exceptional CPA firm!!!  We have been working with Scott Jensen for almost 9 years now and are very happy with the service.  He always takes the stress out of filing taxes and takes the time to get to know you and your unique situation to find solutions to your tax needs.  He offers exceptional advice and business strategy.  Scott is extremely responsive and professional as well as very caring and personable.  We are extremely happy and loyal clients!!

Kristin Walter

I love the timeliness of response to any and all of my questions.  The team is very friendly and keeps great records. Kramer& Jensen have helped me fix a tax problem, helped take away the hassle of filing, helped me plan, improved my business, and overall reduced my stress.  Recently the IRS sent me a letter that would have otherwise scared and confused me.  Scott gave me the quick answer and we took immediate action to fix the situation.  I was so relieved at his expert advise and quick response.

Jordan Ausman

I have been using Kramer & Jensen for tax preparation for many years and have always found them to be extremely professional, providing knowledgeable and personalized services..  I highly recommend their firm for any type of tax preparation or accounting needs. 


I appreciate having my taxes done by Kramer & Jensen. Saves me from much worry and hassle. I'm not sure I can make any suggestions for better service. I will never do my own taxes again.

Boris Vukovich

We have worked with Kramer and Jensen for many years.  We have complete confidence in their knowledge, expertise and professionalism.  I am grateful to have such a strong and reliable resource for all of our business and personal needs in the areas of tax, accounting and business consulting.

Nora Jacquez, Ph.D, J.D

What I have truly appreciated is prompt responses to questions and Scott Jensen always being ready to help.  I feel he and his staff work very hard to give clients the best possible service.  Scott is also very knowledgeable about tax laws and is quick to tell one if something is possible or not possible and why.  I am privileged to have such a fine man as my accountant.

Mrs. William G.

Scott Jensen...warm, trustworthy, accessible. I love his combination of CPA, MBA and JD! When I had to email him abruptly after the death of my father with questions about my mother's assets, he promptly offered very helpful advice. When I had questions about the future direction of my business, he patiently listened and gave me appropriate guidance. I've never felt rushed, or nickel and dimed when billed for services. I feel he really cares about my financial well-being.

Thomas A. Cole

The accountants at Kramer & Jensen speak professionally, without chuckling about an architect’s lack of business financial training. Kramer & Jensen is always on top of deadlines and understand my need to put 100% faith in them. I was thrilled to hear of their availability just about the time I was starting my own business and needed a lot of help! Not only were the services incredibly helpful when consulting on new business structure, but their experience makes them an invaluable team member when consulting with attorney’s and bankers.

Sarah Vidulich

We have worked with Kramer and Jensen on a regular basis for over 10 years. Scott Jensen's partnership, in particular, has been a tremendous asset to our company. We value his opinion immensely and he has consistently provided excellent service to us through tax preparation services, tax saving strategies, accounting research and consulting. Last year, our company was audited by the IRS. Scott guided us on how to prepare for the audit and then served as our direct contact with the IRS auditor. We were extremely pleased that the audit resulted in zero adjustments. This was accomplished in large part due to Kramer and Jensen's efforts. This is one firm that we recommend whole heartedly.

Michael Janzen

What I have liked most about working with Kramer & Jensen is that they are professional, timely and always friendly and easy to work with. They have helped me organize my business by providing a monthly breakdown of finances and have helped me understand what is coming on the horizon so I can make plans to prepare and so I don't get caught off guard.

Aldah M. Medsker

My husband and I have been long-time clients of the Kramer Jensen firm.  After my husband's passing and the sadness which follows such a loss, I have received patient and competent assistance from Scott Jensen in a complicated estate and trust process.  There was never a question from me that wasn't treated with dignity and my participation encouraged and validated. I trust and respect Mr. Jensen and the staff and feel confident they will be there for me as needed in good times and in challenging ones.

Sid Overton

We have used the accounting services of Kramer & Jensen, LLC, for many years in the preparation of individual tax returns, as well as the tax returns for many of our partnerships and limited liability companies.  We appreciate the prompt professional response we have received from Kramer & Jensen, LLC, and we have also appreciated receiving the periodical newsletters.

Richard Stuckey

I have utilized the professional services of Kramer and Jensen for over 30 years, for both personal returns and business returns, and including many questions, problem solving and other tax matters and questions during the year, every year.  I also arranged for Scott's services for our office suite, a small corporation which had failed to file for 4 years, and he updated our financial records for those years and he successfully brought that organization up-to-date with much hard work and a minimum charge.  I would highly recommend Kramer and Jensen to any taxpayer for personal or business filings, and for continued tax advice on any and all issues.  The professionalism and tax expertise of Scott and his staff are unsurpassed, and I will continue to use them for all time.

Dawn K., Lakewood

I've known Scott ever since he joined Kramer and Jensen.  He has prepared my taxes for over ten years. As a small business owner I often have questions that I need to find answers for.  Scott returns my calls and provides answers in a timely way.  He is never condescending in how he deals with my concerns. His credentials are impressive-CPA, MBA and J.D. In 2015 I suffered a heart attack in April and my taxes had not been done.  Scott worked with my daughter and helped us through a difficult time.  I am grateful to have someone as knowledgeable as Scott to whom I can turn for advice.

Katie R. Meridian

When we switched to Kramer & Jensen almost ten years ago we were most impressed with the thoroughness of their work and the amount of money they were able to save in reduced taxes. Not all accounting firms are equal.  We would recommend Kramer & Jensen to anyone!

Charmayne Hafen

We have used the services of Kramer and Jensen for over seven years.  During that time we have received the most professional and considerate service from any accountant we have ever worked with and we went through five different accountants before going with Kramer and Jensen.  They have always made time for us, even during tax season.  They have helped us with things as a minor as a question about Quickbooks and as major as answering inquiries from the IRS. Kramer and Jensen has also helped us to plan ahead and make quarterly tax payments to relieve the gigantic tax burden we used to face at the end of every fiscal year.  We consider them to be part of the overall success of our company. They are a top notch firm and I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone needing accounting assistance.

Mike Morley

The thing I have liked most about working with Kramer & Jensen is the personal service.  Someone is always available to answer a question, large or small.  As a small business owner in a fluctuating economy, it is paramount to stay on top of your cash flow and tax liabilities.  Kramer & Jensen provides us with the tools and expertise to avoid any tax surprises.

Raymond M. Foral

It’s not often that you cross paths with a CPA that sees exactly eye to eye on your business and accounting philosophies. Kramer & Jensen does. They’re trustworthy, professional and well equipped to help me manage my business and save money on taxes. I appreciate Kramer & Jensen’s candidness and ability to help steer us and our business down the best path. Their knowledge of accounting and tax law along with their morals and values help me trust the advice I’m getting and gives me the comfort that we are doing things the way they should be done. Kramer & Jensen has saved us thousands and thousands of dollars.

Brandie Andrews

Scott is great to work with. He is kind, understanding and always available when needed. He explains complicated information in a way that anyone can understand as many times as you need. Even after moving, we've continued to work with Scott because he's wonderful to work with at every step of the way.  Scott has helped in many ways including reducing taxes, working through many IRS problems and taking care of the hassle of taxes in general. He is very knowledgeable in all aspects of tax law to help in any way that he can.